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Airwood Design uses sustainably sourced materials including super refined mdf and matte black acrylic

Also referred to as Double or Ultra Refined, Super Refined Medium Density Fiberboard is a manufactured panel product comprised primarily of wood fibers that are typically otherwise discarded as waste, making it a largely recycled material.


Super Refined MDF is unlike the standard MDF sold by hardware stores and lumber yards. A consistent light color and density makes it the perfect material for laser cutting and engraving. Additionally, Super Refined MDF resists the type of warping and twisting common to most layered plywood products. We love it and know you will too!

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Airwood was founded with a purpose: to make simple, attainable storage and accessories that function as great as they look. From the very first handcrafted record crate made by founder Craig Osborn, every product we make starts as something designed for use with our own collections. As physical media devotees, we're hyper-aware of the relationship that collectors have with their Vinyl Records, CDs, BluRay, etc...and have a helluva lot of fun sharing that passion with our customers. We'd love the opportunity to help showcase your collection!

SINCE 2012

Our dedication to exceeding expectations begins with our commitment to continually reduce our carbon footprint. We use materials that are sustainably sourced and/or recyclable and partner with manufacturers who share the same eco-friendly mindset.

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