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All of our dividers are laser cut/engraved from .125" Super Refined MDF. Learn more

What material are your dividers made from?

No. We've tested a variety of materials including various plywoods, acrylic sheet and other composites. Only Super Refined MDF offers a consistent appearance and quality at a reasonable price.

Do you offer your dividers in other materials?

We can make any size divider up to our vinyl record divider dimensions. Contact us

Do you make custom sized dividers?

Super-refined MDF is as flat as any material in this thickness available. Some very slight warping or twisting is possible, but unlikely to be noticeable.

Will these dividers warp or twist?

Short answer, No. The font we use has been carefully chosen for a number of reasons. Exceptions include branding for our wholesale customers. Learn more

Do you offer other fonts?

We use all caps for a few reasons. It provides a clean consistent appearance and eliminates any possibility that ascending/descending characters will be covered when in use. Exceptions include examples such as "1960s" or "5th".

Can I request lowercase lettering?

No. Each divider is sanded smooth using a 320 grit paper, providing a beautiful natural appearance and feel.

Is there any finish on your dividers?

No. Our dividers are perfectly safe to use in your collection.

Will your dividers harm my records?

The shape is nod to our heritage. When we first started making dividers they were cut by hand. Nesting each part on a large sheet of plywood was the most economical way of producing them. We simply kept the shape after we started laser cutting them.

Why are your Classic Tab Dividers shaped that way?

Yes. Each divider is engraved on both sides.

Are your dividers engraved on both sides?

Current processing times are stated within each product listing, but typically only takes a few days for small orders. We ship using either USPS or FedEx, whichever service is the best combination of speed and price (usually 3-5 business days).

When will my dividers arrive?

We currently only offer shipping within the United States. Feel free to contact us for any International shipping requests, we may make exceptions on a case-by-case scenario.

Do you ship Internationally?

Contact us for all wholesale and merch requests. Learn more

Do you wholesale?

Maintenance is not required. Treat your new dividers as you would any record, avoid excessive dirt or moisture.

How do I care for my dividers?

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